This service does not claim to cure any disease or ailment.

Submerge is not held liable for any unforeseen results of treatment as client is responsible for disclosing any allergies and/or contraindications.

Please consult with your physician prior to your session to make sure there are no contraindications when being exposed to heat, steam or circulatory enhancing oils or treatments. 

Submerge is by its nature a provocative and holistic therapeutic spa treatment.  


Treatments are intended for those who are able bodied enough to get themselves in and out of a bath tub safely as well as on and off either a massage table or a bed. 

Client must be able to withstand a 20 minute soak in reasonably warm to hot water.

Client is to disclose any known contagious illnesses, contraindications or allergies to any materials that may be used for the session including but not limited to: steam, heat, herbs, minerals, plant oils, tea, nuts and seeds. 

Respect and mindfulness are tantamount to the quality of experience you will have. Your perception and the meaning you create for this experience directly influences your outcome.  

Privacy Policy

Background information and personal information collected is to be used for screening and billing only if using a credit card, never shared or stored for other purposes.

cancellation policy

48 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule our session.

Traveling to you domestically or internationally, I require 7-days notice of need to cancel or reschedule.

If cancellation is done in less than 48 hours, client will need to put a deposit down to schedule a ritual bath session .