Ritual Bath + Crystal Healing 

2HR Experience.

  1. Bathing space ceremoniously prepared with: candles, flowers, crystal grid and burning herbs.

  2. Session to begin with a guided meditation.

  3. Will ease into an invigorating full body dry brush to move the lymphatic fluid and exfoliate the skin.

  4. Bath is dressed with 8 pounds of Magnesium Chloride, custom essential oil blend, seasonal herbs/produce, almond mylk and crystals.

  5. During bath hand crafted exfoliating scrub is applied to upper body ( back, neck, arms, face) over acupressure points.

  6. After the bath a rejuvenating chakra balancing crystal grid is applied to the body and energized utilizing sound healing instruments.

  7. A restorative small bite and elixir beverage are offered at the close of the session.


  1. Boutique Sacred Space:

  • Candles

  • Incense/ burning resins

  • Crystal formation

  • Seasonal florals + foliage

  1. Session to Include:

  • Full body dry brush

  • Consecrated bath soak using Magnesium Chloride Minerals+Teas+Oils+ Herbs

  • Hand crafted herbal body product

  • Aromatherapy

  • Personalized crystal healing

  • Sound bath

  • Restorative small plate & elixir

Submerge Los Angeles; a contemporary approach to self-care practices akin to the work of mystics from ages that are recorded on the walls of ancient temples.