Ritual Bath + Crystal Healing 

2HR Experience.

  1. Bathing space ceremoniously prepared with: candles, flowers, crystal grid and burning herbs.  
  2. Session to begin with a guided meditation.
  3. Will ease into an invigorating full body dry brush to move the lymphatic fluid and exfoliate the skin.
  4. Bath is dressed with 8 pounds of Magnesium Chloride, custom essential oil blend, seasonal herbs/produce, almond mylk and crystals.
  5. During bath hand crafted exfoliating scrub is applied to upper body ( back, neck, arms, face) over acupressure points.
  6. After the bath a rejuvenating chakra balancing crystal grid is applied to the body and energized utilizing sound healing instruments. 
  7. A restorative small bite and elixir beverage are offered at the close of the session.


  1. Boutique Sacred Space:
  • Candles
  • Incense/ burning resins
  • Crystal formation
  • Seasonal florals + foliage
  1. Session to Include:
  • Full body dry brush
  • Consecrated bath soak using Magnesium Chloride  Minerals+Teas+Oils+ Herbs
  • Hand crafted herbal body product
  • Aromatherapy
  • Personalized crystal healing
  • Sound bath
  • Restorative small plate & elixir
Submerge Los Angeles uses approaches to practices in self care akin to the work of priestesses from ages that are recorded on the walls of ancient temples. 
Weaving together beauty rituals, healing arts, culinary arts, the art of dance, crystal healing and a little bit of old world magic reinterpreted for the modern age, Submerge Los Angeles takes the experience of bathing to new a realm.