What is a ritual bath?

Bathing has been intertwined with spiritual practice since the dawn of ancient civilization. In traditions across the globe the bath is used for literal and symbolic purification as well as for healing and protection. Utilizing certain practices, intentions, and materials the bath is made a mystical experience.

A ritual bath is an opportunity to cleanse not only the body but the energy field of the recipient. Extreme relaxation and well being is a direct result of the process. From a state of relaxation and well being, clarity emerges.

What happens during a ritual bathing session?

A ritual bath with SUBMERGE utilizes the energies of an altar set up in the bathing space itself.  The ambiance recalls when these practices were prevalent in every day life in our collective past. 

Burning resins and incense that has been used for millennia, working with powerful stones, an assortment of fresh and/or dried plant materials and sacred objects awaken memories of an age when spiritual adepts looked to the cosmos for guidance and bathed to renew the body AND spirit.

To begin, the client and practitioner will open with a brief guided meditation. A full body dry brushing is employed to open up circulation, exfoliate the skin and to prepare it to receive the maximum benefits from the bath. The bath is prepared with a unique array of spices, herbs, tea, plant based milks, honey, minerals and extracts. 

The second portion of the session will be spent in a crystal layout placed on the body to balance the energies of the chakras or to bring healing. Each grid is unique to the individual. Sound healing instruments and aromatherapy are used in assisting in clearing any blockages.

Allowing 2.5 hours for the session is ideal to leave yourself with enough time to get settled in prior to and get back into your body afterward. The session itself is 2 hours.

Who is a ritual bath designed for?

This is a curated interactive boutique spa experience created for those who are over the age of consent (18 in the US) and searching for something that simultaneously awakens and relaxes the body, opens the mind and lifts the spirit.